Roosa Nieminen, Project Manager

Roosa Nieminen (M.Sc. Tech.) did not end up studying energy technology just by chance. The diversity of energy and its infinite possibilities fascinated her already at early age. This interest grew first into a vision and then into action. Now Roosa is involved in a project developing the power grid to support renewable energy production.

What kind of kick off has Fortum offered your career?

Right from the beginning,  I have received a sufficient amount of challenges. I can be a part of extremely enthralling projects right at the heart of energy industry. Weather-dependent electricity production methods are continually increasing. It presents a challenge for the electricity grid where the consumption and production of electricity have to be balanced. I am involved in a project, where flexible consumption is utilized to balance the power grid. Flexible consumption is an indispensable part of the future as renewable, weather-dependent and less predictable modes of production increase. We are now dealing with a totally new kind of concept and this makes work challenging and fascinating.

How would you describe Fortum’s work culture?

The atmosphere is open and supportive, which gives you the courage to experiment and challenge. There is a lot of know-how and competence in Fortum and this offers a great platform for growth. What is particularly good is that, regardless of position, people have time to share their knowledge and expertise. As a result, my own perspective has broadened and I have learnt a lot. Cooperation has to be on an organization-wide basis, helping to perceive the big picture. In consumption flexibility projects, many different perspectives are needed and it is therefore good that Fortum employees are genuinely interested and used to sharing thoughts across departmental borders.


What challenges do you face in the work?

This operating model based on consumption flexibility is a totally new concept, so there is no ready framework for its implementation. There is similar development work being carried out around the world, in Germany and in the USA, for example. There is still a lot of work to be done on the flexible consumption operating model; at the moment we are surveying markets and investigating what has been developed around the world. In the future, we want to help creating an international forum, where we can develop and utilise flexible consumption models together. It really is a question of developing the future and we want to be pioneers in this field.


What inspires you in your work?

The atmosphere here is relaxed and it’s easy to be yourself. Motivation remains high when you get to experience success in your work. Right from the beginning I have been involved in new kinds of projects: there are no strict procedures or frameworks to follow and you can be involved in creating something new. Fortum offers a good and stable environment to develop and establish new operating models. It's great to be a part of continuous development!

How do you see the fruits of your own work in such a large organization?

I have been given responsibility, which also gives meaning to my work. I feel my collegues trust me  and effort is put into my development. I am only at the beginning of my career and I still have a lot to learn. Results cannot be immediately evident and here my development is supported. And what is most important, I have been given the opportunity, support and preconditions to give my contribution to important projects alongside top experts.


What do you expect from the future?

We are working in new areas and it is not always clear how we are going to achieve our goal and therefore the direction is being outlined continuously. We are most probably going to achieve a lot of things that we could not have even anticipated. However, it is clear that Fortum is going towards a carbon emission-free future. I was surprised how all practical work truly supports this goal. The direction therefore is right!